Vision & Objective

Vision & Objective

by transnatedu

Our vision:

To establish Higher Education and Research Centres of Excellence in Africa and Middle East by partnering world renowned universities to build human capacity across all sectors, particularly business, science, medicine, technology and energy.

Our Objective:

To provide a complete overview of the vision and plans for our group to become a leading high quality tertiary education provider by bringing world class universities and curriculum in Africa and Middle East.


  • Established in 2013 in partnership with Lancaster University
  • TAG operates Lancaster University Ghana
  • TAG’s sister company, Global Institute Middle East, in partnership with Murdoch University established Murdoch University Dubai in 2008, and Curtin University Dubai in 2017 (in partnership with Curtin University)
  • Lancaster University Ghana, Curtin University Dubai and Murdoch University Dubai deliver relevant undergraduate and post graduate programmes to students in West Africa and in the UAE
  • University Pathway Programme
  • Corporate and Professional Programmes

TAG Profile

Transnational Academic Group develops people who develop nations.

Transnational Academic Group (TAG is owned and operated by a group that focuses on building value across three major business verticals including media, education, and information technology. The Group includes, among other interests, Global Institute Middle East FZ. LLC, CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, Tech One Global, and Samaa TV.

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