Executive Team

Executive Team

by transnatedu

John Grainger

President of TAG

Raghav Lal

  • Executive Director – Trans National Education Africa Limited (Lancaster University Ghana)
  • Group Vice President – Global Institute Middle East (Murdoch University Dubai)
  • Director – CMA Investment Holdings

Daniel Adkins

  • Chief Executive Officer, Middle East

Christopher Pilgrim

Chief Executive Officer, East Africa and SADC

Sanjay Rodrigues

Senior Vice President – Strategy & Special Projects

Sudeep Sachin

Group Controller (Internal Audit, Risk, MIS & Banking)

Biju Veetil

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Fernandes

Vice President, Marketing & Student Recruitment

Bidisha Sen

  • HR & Administration Manager

Manish Chetwani

  • Finance Manager

Johan Classen

Foundation Programme Coordinator Lancaster