Olivia Adkins

Olivia Adkins

by Dominic

Program Coordinator – Foundation at Curtin Dubai

Ms Olivia Adkins is a lecturer at Curtin University Dubai, and the Program Coordinator for the Foundation Program. Olivia started her career as Student Body President of her alma mater after her BSc in Psychology with Management, followed by a role at Transnational Academic Group, as Student Life Officer, which subsequently led to her teaching at Murdoch University Dubai with the group. With the opening of Curtin Dubai, Ms. Adkins became the Teaching and Learning Coordinator for the new campus and added curriculum development to her teaching portfolio. Her areas of interests cover student experience and learning. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Psychology, and her research interests include Leadership, Diversity, Organizational Change and Culture, as well as Psychology for Marketing. Olivia is a certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Teacher of Business English, and possesses a degree of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Diploma de Espanola como Lengua Extranjera).

Olivia Adkins

Lecturer, Program Coordinator – Foundation at Curtin Dubai

Mail: Olivia.Adkins@transnatedu.com


  • MSc Business Psychology from Heriot-Watt University.
  • Professional certifications in teaching Business English, teaching English a Foreign Language and a Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language.