TAG Foundation Programme

TAG Foundation Programme

by transnatedu

Transnational Academic Group provides students boundless opportunities to receive world-class education in Africa, Middle-East, or abroad.

Transnational Academic Group West Africa is the only higher education institute in the African Continent to be accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). The TAG Ghana Foundation Programme has also received validation by Lancaster University to allow students a pathway for entry into Lancaster University Ghana undergraduate programmes. In addition to recognition by the prestigious Lancaster University, the TAG Foundation Programme provides pathway to all other British Universities that are accredited by BAC.

Students also have the opportunity to enrol into Undergraduate programmes offered at any partner university abroad, or they can choose to remain in Africa and study at other Africa based partner universities.

Transnational Academic Group Middle-East formerly know as Global Institute Middle-East has a well-established foundation program that is currently being offered in Dubai, and has over 700 graduates. This program has been accepted for entry into undergraduate studies offered at Murdoch University’s branch campus in Dubai. The foundation program offered in Dubai is currently being redesigned to focus more on the various majors that students have selected for their undergraduate studies.